Crime scene clean up

Crime scene clean up

is a core service at Athens Property Solutions.  We pride ourselves on professionalism which is why our customer service is unmatched in the industry.  After a crime has been committed, a property can be left in disarray with a potentially traumatized individual left to deal with a bio-hazardous situation.

What is the owner or property manager now supposed to do?  Where do they turn for help?  How can all of this be properly cleaned?

This is where Athens Property Solutions steps in to relieve the pressure on the owner or property manager.  Our courteous and understanding personnel are trained for these situations.  We will remove all biohazardous contamination from the property so that the property can be restored to its previous condition.  Individuals that may have been traumatized are able to speak to our certified Mental Health Associate upon request.  This service is offered free of charge as we understand the traumatic experience one of these scenes can have on an individual.

Our company wants to restore your property but also care for any family members or employees who may have been affected by a crime.

Crime scene clean up often includes the following services:

  • Homicide clean up
  • Suicide clean up
  • Violent trauma clean up
  • Decomposition clean up
  • Odor remediation
  • Automobile crime scene clean up
  • Finger print dust removal
  • Blood clean up


Athens Property Solutions offers a 25% discount off of our crime scene clean up services for all military, fire, police, and their direct family.

Please contact us for a free quote.

We proudly serve the greater mid-Atlantic region, offering our crime scene clean up services in Baltimore(MD), Harrisburg (PA), Philadelphia (PA), York (PA), Dover (DE), Newark (DE), Wilmington(DE), and more!  For a full list of our service areas, see our locations page.

For immediate, 24/7 assistance, please call 443-205-1181.

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