Home Restoration

Home restoration services:

Home restoration services are needed in a wide range of circumstances. In some cases, a buyer can acquire a piece of real estate but the property which they purchased needs a lot of work done to get it ready for the market. In another case, a home owner is struck with catastrophic events such as fires, floods, accidents, and more in their own home, leaving them emotionally distraught knowing the home they love has been partially destroyed and no longer feels like the warm and safe place they’ve grown accustomed to. In yet another case, an unruly pet can do some serious damage over time by tearing things up, chewing on them, urinating, etc. Whatever your case is, Athens Property Solutions has you covered.

Athens Property Solutions is an officially licensed home improvement contractor by the state of Pennsylvania. Partnered with Celtic Contracting Services in the state of Maryland


Our certified professionals have the training and experience to restore in cases of:


Athens Property Solutions offers a 10% discount off services for all military, fire, police, and their direct family.

Please contact us for a free quote.

We proudly serve the greater mid-Atlantic region, offering home restoration services in Baltimore (MD),Harrisburg (PA), Philadelphia (PA), York (PA), Dover (DE), Newark (DE), Wilmington (DE), and more!  For a full list of our service areas, please have a look at our locations page.

For immediate, 24/7 assistance, please call 443-205-1181.

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